Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

Each year, 70,000 pedestrians obtain injuries while 4,000 die in car accidents. Even though much of the responsibility falls on the drivers, most of these accidents are caused by pedestrians themselves. Abogados de accidentes automovilisticos Fullerton are well aware of these accidents and they try their best to inform the general public about what steps to take to avoid them. So, what are the main reasons why pedestrian accidents happen and how can we avoid them? We compiled the top reasons for these accidents and the best ways to avoid them.

  • Improper use of the road- You should know when to cross the road and when to stay put on the sidewalk.
  • Unmarked Crosswalk- These are crucial especially in parking lots where drivers are focused on getting their car parked.
  • Left turns- Left turns are three times more prone to accidents than right turns. Make sure to be cautious when you cross a street that’s on a left turn.
  • Electronic Devices- Pay attention to where you are going and not on your phone. A lot of pedestrian accidents happen with the victims holding their phones or music devices.
  • Silent Cars- These cars are 40 percent more likely to crash into pedestrians. Though they are silent, always be cautious.
  • Dark Clothes- Most accidents happen at night so it is best to wear something that can be easily seen, especially if you are walking.
  • Alcohol- This reason is a no-brainer. Do not drink and drive for your own safety.
  • Highways- These roads are very much needed in cities but in places with significant populations, they can be detrimental.

To help you out in accidents caused by these reasons or much more, contact AbogadoContigo’s abogados de accidentes automovilísticos Mission Viejo.

Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

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