More cars on the roads as a result of less people flying

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This summer we might see much more cars on our roads as people might avoid flying away for a summer vacation. There seems like there will be a lot of hassle with flying somewhere probably during the rest of the year. It is still unclear what will happen, and vacation period is just around the corner, so probably more people will consider taking the car than in normal times. You can reach most countries in Europe within a day or two and you can get to see a lot of interesting sites along the way.

For long drives it is important to have car tyres that are in good condition before you set off. You will need to make a visual inspection of the tyres and check that they are free from cuts, cracks or bulges. You also need to measure the tread depth to ensure that you have sufficient tread depth. Once you go below you lose a lot of important properties, so if you go away for a long car vacation you should aim at having at least 6 mm. You also need to check the tyre pressure as deviations from the recommended pressure can have consequences. Low tyre pressure leads to higher tyre wear, higher fuel consumption and more carbon dioxide emissions. Too high pressure leads to higher wear of the center part of the tread and bad driving performance.

As you drive during the summer, you should have summer tyres on the car, or maybe all-weather tyres. Summer tyres will have better properties for long distance driving in summer conditions. They should have good properties for preventing aquaplaning and good wet grip. For long drives it is important to have tyres that have low rolling resistance, as that will lower the fuel consumption and the tyre wear rate. Heat builds up in the tyre when the rolling resistance is high, which is damaging to the tyre if you drive very long distances without rest. This could add a lot of costs to your trip, the same goes inf you have low tyre pressure. The rolling resistance increases with low tyre pressure, so it can become expensive if you are not checking the tyre pressure. Make sure that also your spare tyre is in good condition and that it is correctly inflated in case if you would need to use it.

More cars on the road means that you need to be careful and make sure that you avoid accidents. People might drive long distances to get to an end destination that is far away and drive day and night for one to two days, that can increase that accidents due to fatigue and risk of falling asleep. Even professional drivers have limitations on how many hours you can drive every day and how much mandatory rest that you need. This is not the case for us that drive on a vacation and sometimes we push ourselves to the limit just to finally get to our beloved vacation place that we have set as our end destination.

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