Your SUV tire choice should depend on vehicle size and road conditions

SUV all-season tires

You have a range of different tires for the larger vehicles, such as SUVs, light pick-up trucks, cargo deliveries and vans. The bigger the vehicle is the larger and wider the tires tend to be. The wider the tire is the bigger the contact area will be thus; it will use the larger area to distribute the weight. Then you will need to take the road conditions into account, it varies if you aim to drive mainly in urban areas or if you will also need tires that can manage light off-road driving or then even heavy duty off-road.

The Finnish manufacturer of tires that is an expert in winter tires and has evolved to a specialist in tires for demanding conditions when safety and trouble-free service life is prioritized. They have a full range of heavy-duty tires and is the global leader for forest tires for huge forest equipment, so they can definitely produce tires that can cope well with harsh off-road conditions. When you are driving off-road you really want to avoid having any problem with your car or your tires.

For the range of SUV all-season tires, you have 7 different options, which depend a bit on the size of the SUV or truck and also the driving conditions, where you have the Nokian One HT, which is targeted for light pick-up trucks for both lighter off-road and urban driving. Then you have the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires that is more targeted for a sporty SUV with a bigger engine for high speeds as well as aramid-reinforced sidewalls to prevent the tires from rupturing from sharp stones or objects when driving off-road. Nokian eNTYRE C/S is aimed for both CUVs and SUVs these also have aramid-reinforced sidewalls. The Nokian Rotiiva HT, Nokian Rockproof and Nokian Rotiiva AT are all aimed for the larger SUVs and pick-up trucks and the Nokian Rockproof is really targeted for off-road driving that can be as extreme as it gets. The other two can handle light off-road driving, but if you plan to go full out, the Nokian Rockproof will keep you up and running.

If you are looking for big tires for your SUV or pickup truck then you have the Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus, these all-season tires are actually also approved for the winter season. All-season tires are usually not approved for winter use, as that is mainly left for winter tires or winter approved all-weather use. All these tires above are premium tires that have great safety, grip and handling. The fact that you have aramid-reinforced sidewalls, is the same material as used in bullet proof vests. This protects the sidewalls from punctures both during off-road and from hitting curbs during city driving and parking.

Finding the correct tires for your SUV is very important and you will need to get the tire dimension correct and the area for use as well, so that you can enjoy a safe drive with your SUV and with its tires.

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