What To Know About A PCR Test

PCR Test

If you are looking to travel abroad, getting a PCR test is necessary. Without a certificate that shows that you did this test, you may not be able to book a flight, or even if you book your flight successfully, you may have trouble gaining entry at your destination.

Before you go ahead to get ta PCR test, there are various things you need to know. One of them is the right time to get a PCR test. You need to check the rules before doing this test. Since the testing timeframe varies from country to country, you need to know the timeframe of the particular country that you are planning for travel to.

For instance, if you are going on vacation or a business trip to the Maldives, you are supposed to take a test 96 hours before the departure time of your flight. But if you are headed to Barbados, you will need to do a test 72 hours before you arrive, and keep in mind that the Barbadian authorities also need you to do a second test, following your arrival.

If you do not want to complicate matters, you should do the test as early as possible within the timeframe. For instance, if you are travelling to Barbados, you will have to do the second test once you are there, 5 days after the first test (the one you did in your country). If you time your first test right, you will be able to do the second test on the day after your arrival, and as a result you will minimize your quarantine time in Barbados.

Keep in mind that the turnaround time for pre-travel tests is not the same. Some clinics can provide results within six hours (but for a hefty fee), but most of the testing providers guarantee results within 48 hours.

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