How to remove an old window tint?

Window tints provide various benefits for the car owner and the vehicle itself. For the drivers, window films protect their eyes by reducing glare and UV radiation coming from the sun. While for the car, window tints efficiently prevent the upholstery from fading and keep the car cool even during the summer season. Moreover, window films can also improve privacy and security while giving a car a new look.

All these benefits come with a price. Window tints’ longevity depends upon their quality, and premium window films cost a lot.  Generally, cheap quality window tints last for about one to two years on average, while high-quality ones last up to a decade.  As the saying goes, “you get what you paid for.”

To ensure quality replacement, you will need to look for a specialist in window tinting in San Francisco to have the best service and window tint films.

But you can still replace your window tints on your own. All you need are a razor blade, dishwashing soap, soft cloth, spray bottle, water, and glass cleaner following these simple steps to replace your window tints.

Step 1

Cut a small portion on the corner of the film using a razor blade. To avoid scratches, try not to cut too deeply on the window or windshield.

Step 2

Peel the film gently starting from its corner. You can use the blade in peeling the tint entirely if the film does not peel off in one piece.

Step 3

Make a soapy solution on a spray bottle using the dishwashing liquid and water. Then start spraying the remaining adhesive on the window or windshield.

Step 4

In the meantime, let the leftover adhesive sit and soak to soften it up. With this, it will be much easier to do the following step.

Step 5

Before starting to scrape the remaining adhesive using the blade, make sure that the glass is wet enough to avoid deeply scratching the window. When the window gets dry, just spray more soapy solution and repeat this process until the adhesive is entirely removed.

Step 6

For the last step, clean the windows using the glass cleaner or the soapy mixture. Keep in mind not to use ammonia-based cleaners because it is harmful to one’s health, or even abrasive cleaning products to avoid scratches.

Too afraid to do it anyway?

A window film in San Francisco company has your back to help you keep your window tints at their perfect quality condition. They will give you the coolest, private, and most comfortable window tints in the area.

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