Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Window Tints

Window tints have various advantages for vehicle owners. Number one in the list is its ability to lessen ultraviolet (UV) rays penetration inside one’s car. Other pros include providing privacy and security and adding an aesthetically appealing style. Such are the top reasons that catapulted window tinting Yuba City, CA to prominence.

By only looking at these positive returns on investment (ROI), one can safely say that window tint Yuba City, CA, is and will become a valuable asset in the long run. However, every tinted film has a particular life span, which will lose its effectiveness.

We listed below the factors that affect the longevity of even the best window tints sold.

Type of window tint

There are different window tint types in the market. The most popular kinds include ceramic tint, carbon tint, hybrid tint, dyed tint, and metalized tint, and each has a specific life expectancy.

The dyed type is the cheapest among the five and perfect for a car owner who wishes to save their wallet yet does not compromise the quality. Mid-tier preferences are metalized and hybrid films without valid reasons. Both are capable of blocking UV lights effortlessly and lessening fading effects.

Carbon and ceramic tints are the two most expensive choices for you, yet if you want quality and have the needed money, why not settle for them? They offer top-tier advantages and have the longest lifespans.

Installation quality

Calling highly-rated window tinting firms ensure a quality installation. Besides, it is the most crucial factor to prolong the life of your tints. Correctly installed films guarantee the benefits of the service for years to come. At best, it even goes beyond the said duration.

On the other hand, low-priced tinting poses a risk for your finances in the future. When mistakes in the entire process occur, expect the newly-applied films are peeling, bubbling, or getting scratched easily. Never do the same assessment made by individuals who prefer to save yet pay larger in the end.


Always remember to do window maintenance regularly. Such is crucial in ensuring the tint’s longevity.

Yet, here is a reminder: proper maintenance is the key, not careless wiping.

Do not ever use ammonia-based cleaning products for your window tints. It prevents discoloration from happening on the film surface. For a scratch-free cleansing experience, avoid using abrasive cleaners like paper towels and newspapers. On the contrary, budget-friendly cleaning only needs water, a dish soap mixture, and a soft microfiber cloth.

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