Omicron Variant: What do we know about the new coronavirus?

A virus is a submicroscopic organism that solely replicates itself within a living host cell. It can live on its own, but it does not have the proficiency to transfigure without entering another species. Learn more about this new omicron variant from this infographic.


So, if it cannot survive without a living creature, what is its origin?


These microbes emerge from mobile genetic fundamentals that can move between cells. Such an organism may be offspring from a previously free-living creature that turns out to be vermin. Moreover, they are divergent in their biological entity, physical features, and effects on other living beings. Several viruses have RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) genomes, while others have DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). Some only have single-stranded genomes like influenza, and, of course, there are also those with double-stranded genomes such as smallpox. =


Do they have a life?


Yes, considering they can grow, reproduce, and even sustain internal homeostasis, respond to stimuli, and fulfil numerous metabolic progress. Furthermore, these creatures can multiply and transfigure throughout an extended period.


Where do omicron variant viruses come from?


Virologists had a debate regarding this question, and there have been three central hypotheses they ended up with after years of study and experimentation:

  1. Progressive (escape):

This theory states that infections arise from genetic elements that can move between cells.

  1. Regressive (reduction):

This one explains that they are solely remnants of a cellular organism.

  1. Finally, the virus-first hypothesis:

It declares that these submicroscopic organisms predate and coevolved with their current cellular hosts.


All these assumptions are occurring until now, regardless of how much modernization people attained today.


The Coronavirus Disease 2019’s (COVID-19) sudden upsurge in December 2019 took the entire world by its toll. Its unexpected emergence caused millions of cases and deaths. Like a domino effect, it even halted the growth of the worldwide economy since authorities got forced to stop work operations and advised people to stay at home during its dissemination.


Thankfully, health experts created vaccines to enhance an individual’s immune system against COVID-19. Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna are examples of those antitoxins, together with the day 2 test and travel COVID test that helped minimize the cases. At the same time, the virus is still ongoing its dispersal.


Sad to say that even before COVID-19 ended, a new form surfaced on the 26th of November 2021. The Omicron Variant is now causing 12,947 confirmed cases in Europe and 10,866 in the United Kingdom.


Thus, Harley Medic International, a prevalent company known for its distribution of official rapid tests, created and designed an infographic below with all the information that you need with the new coronavirus variant:


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