How To Take Care for Your Newly Tinted Car Windows

photo of blue framed glass window with curtain

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to or have already installed tinted Windows on your vehicle for the UV and heat blocking, added security and privacy, and because they look fantastic and sleek. Tinting on car windows is applied to the glass inside to protect it from road debris and other elements. However, there are some things you should consider if you want your privacy tint to last for many years.

  1. Keep your window slid up

Window tinting in Schenectady, NY gets instant results. However, the adhesive holding the film to your glass won’t cure right away. The film can take two to four hours to set. Additionally, it may crack if your windows are not rolled down before the tint sets.

  1. Don’t worry about hazy film or water pockets

A little bit of water pocket or haziness under your tinted window is the last thing you should expect. This is normal and temporary. Over the first few weeks, your windows might look cloudy and hazy because of excess water between film and glass. The film cannot be applied with the squeegee. However, windows are porous and will eventually evaporate.

  1. Do not wait till your windows are clean

It is best to wait for the tinted films to dry before washing your car. It is best to wipe the tinted glass with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. You might have sticky-hands kids or wet-nosed dogs.

Your windows may need a more vigorous clean now and then. A soft, non-abrasive tissue or paper towel is recommended. There are even cleaners for tinted windows, but you can use water or soap. Do not use any ammonia. It will ruin your tint.

  1. Don’t think tint is invincible

The tinted film is durable, depending on the window tinting prices Columbus, GA. It is excellent for protecting your car windows against daily wear and tear. Don’t forget that scratch-resistant is not scratch-proof. Even if you don’t have tiny fingers or paws, there are still ways to scratch the film.

Avoid sharp or hard edges, like boxes or sporting equipment. Be aware of your seat belt. Most people don’t notice how often the buckle hits the window when pulling the strap on. And it takes just one ding of the belt to tear the tint.

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