Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They, and Are They Worth the Investment?

For the past years, the use of motorbikes has increased. People buy it because of practical everyday use, while others choose to purchase it purely out of hobby or want. Regardless of the reasons, motorcycle accidents are inevitable. Many situations can lead to one: losing control, riding too fast, losing balance, and a simple fall can cause one to hit the ground.

With these observable events, motorbike owners often look for a solution to provide enough protection should any road accident occur. Most motorcycle accessory stores recommend a set of crash bars.

What are Motorcycle Crash Bars?

Its design primarily acts as a piece of safety for motorcycles that include tubing installed on a motorbike’s engine.

Protruding past the motorcycle, the crash bar is a barrier between your vehicle and the ground. Like other products in the market, Crash bars have different types, models, and brands that one can choose from. Some may go for naked, adventure, B&B bash plate, or sports bikes. Depending on the manufacturer, the bars are usually made of mild steel or stainless steel materials with diameters ranging from 22mm to 27mm.

In choosing a crash bar, always consider the item that matches your motorcycle build and do not go for the one-size-fits-all that most people recommend. Because chances are, you might spend extra for it to fit your motorcycle. Have someone who also knows how to install the crash bars if you are unsure how to do it.

Why Should You Buy Crash Bars for Your Bike?

Aside from the earlier mentioned reasons, motorcycle crash bars like SW Motech frame sliders are worth purchasing because of the following:


  • It reduces damage when a motorcycle falls

    Most of the time, there are three points where bikes create contact with the ground as it falls—the handlebars, the crash bars, and the footpegs. Significant parts of the cycle can easily break when this happens. But since the crash bars first hit the ground, they will receive the most impact. Therefore, the crash bars reduce the risk of extra damage to other essential bike parts.


  • Protects the fuel tank

    Getting the motorcycle’s fuel tank punctured may be possible. During a time like this, the place where the motorcycle accident occurs becomes a hazard zone for a potential fire breakout risking the lives of other people in the area. Although crash bars do not guarantee a hundred percent protection to the fuel tank, they can still somehow reduce the risk of a puncture to the tank.


  • Provides a form of protection to the motorcycle rider

    When you have a crash bar installed on your bike, it can somehow lower the risk of getting severe injuries. Though it may not completely protect one in collisions, it can help avoid its riders from being crushed underneath the motorbike in case of a fall.


  • Long-term cost savings
    When accidents happen, the cost of having the bike repaired or replacing its parts is unavoidable. But with crash bars installed on your bikes, it can also mean reducing the money you have to spend on repairs. Thus, making it a worthy investment for you as its owner.


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