Packing for Motorcycle Trips with Kriega Bags

Packing can be challenging when traveling abroad or for a city break. And if you have to haul all your belongings around with you on the back of your motorcycle, it makes things even more difficult. It is essential to plan and prepare for success. So whether you are going on a short summer trip or taking a long road trip, make sure to pack the minimum of essentials. There are plenty of options on the back of your bicycle.


Hard luggage is generally more secure and provides better protection. You can use hard panniers and top boxes made of aluminum or plastic to store more expensive items.


Originally derived from horse riding, motorcycle Kriega saddlebags and bike panniers offer the best carrying capacity and are essential for long tours. Although saddlebags are mounted to either side, panniers attach directly to the machine’s frame; they are almost interchangeable. Both help to reduce weight, which is beneficial for rider stability.

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Tank bags

A motorcycle tank bag can be attached to your bike tank to make it easy to carry your essentials. They can also be magnetically attached to your tank using magnets, clips, or straps. If you like to have a map or pace notes, a compact tank bag will provide ample storage. For personal items like wallets, phones, and drink bottles, the smallest pack of 5 litres is perfect. You can also use the ten or 20-liter bags, which will store a jacket and a change of clothes.

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Why should you choose Kriega bags?

Kriega backpacks use a harness to replace straps. The pack distributes the load evenly over your chest and shoulders. It can be adjusted so that you can customize your fit. Additionally, the pack’s shape is designed to mold to your body. There is even a pocket to store a back protector. These packs are far more sophisticated than backpacks but offer plenty of comforts.

Where to Get Kriega Packs for Adventure Touring?

Motorrad Garage is a distributor and importer of motorcycle accessories. They sell Kriega luggage for riders and owners of bikes. Since 2006, they have provided their customers with the best motorbike accessories and shopping experience.

To know more information, here is a blog from Motorrad Garage.

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