Signs your Pool Filter needs Replacing

During the summer days, swimming in the pool is one of our favourite ways to cool off. Having a backyard swimming pool is an enjoyable investment, but like many features in a home, it requires regular maintenance and repairs, especially the pool filter.

But what if your pool filter is not working properly, no matter how much you maintain? Keep reading to determine whether you need to visit the swimming pool supply store for a new water filtration accessory.

There is Excessive Backwashing

One key symptom of a malfunctioning pool filter is excessive backwashing. If there is an accumulation of sand and dirt, or your pool is dirtier than usual, you should consider inspecting the filter. Often, this happens because your pool filter is worn out from overuse, and only a replacement can fix the situation.

The Water Quality is Poor

Have you ever gone to the pool one day and found your water murky and filled with dirt? If you notice that no matter how many chemicals you dump into the pool, the water quality remains bad, then perhaps the equipment needs a thorough looking at.

Chemicals are only as effective as the equipment they pass through, so if your pool filter is dysfunctional, you can’t expect many changes. Try using a testing kit to check for imbalances in the water. If the water loses clarity quickly, consider replacing the pump or filter.

You should also contact local swimming pool experts to help determine whether the water is healthy. This is especially true if the pool is murky.

The Filter is Leaking

Leaks are a common issue for clamshell-type pressurised water filters. For example, cartridge-type pool filters; have a clamp band holding the two halves together. Once the clamp band sustains damage, it might lead to a leak, causing the filter to run inefficiently.

Leaks can be a big problem, so once you notice one, consider replacing the filter.

There are Loud Noises

A healthy pool filter can run with minimal noise, so if you start hearing abnormal sounds emanating from your filter, perform an inspection immediately. If the motor of a pool filter is not working as intended, it could make loud noises.

Your Pool Filter is Old

Many pool components have a limited lifespan, after which they must be replaced to ensure efficient operation. Depending on your pool usage, your pool filters need to be replaced for a certain period. OF course, if you frequently use the pool, you need to replace it more often than those who rarely go for a swim.

Many filters and cartridges have a use-by date. Check these tags to see whether your filter is older than the suggested date, and if it is, it’s time to call a team of professionals for a replacement.

Get New Pool Filters Today!

If your pool filter checks all the symptoms listed above, get in touch with Think Water for help in getting a replacement. Visit their website or email for more information.

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